Ifor Williams 403 Horse Trailer Hitching Mirror added to stock

HB403 Mirror 1

Great news

We have just added a version of the i4eye Horse Trailer Hitching Mirror to our range which is now suitable for fitting to Ifor Williams Horse Trailer models 403 and 401.

The 403 Horse Trailer is the current range for single horses produced by Ifor Williams and the 401 Trailer is the model it replaced.

The mirror is really simple to fit and makes hitching on a much easier operation

View the mirror now in our store at  http://horsetrailerpartsdirect.co.uk/horse-trailer-accessories/hitching-mirrors

Ifor Williams 401 & 403 Horse Trailer Hitching Mirror

Ifor Williams Horse Trailer Hitching Mirror


The i4eye Horse Trailer Hitching Mirror is ideal for assisting you in reversing your tow vehicle to the correct position to be able to hitch onto your Horse Trailer Coupling.

The mirror fits to the front of your Horse Trailer and from the drivers seat of your vehicle you will be able to see clearly the position of your trailers hitch and the position of your vehicles tow ball thus making reversing and hitching on a simple process.

This mirror will put you in the position to avoid your unnecessary jumping in and out of your vehicle to see when trying to hitch on alone if you are in the correct position.

The mirror comes complete with a single one hole mounting bracket and full easy to follow fitting instructions. The mirror once fitted is sturdy and fully adjustable to provide the correct vision required for most tow vehicles including pick up’s and 4 x 4′s.

The mirror comes with a universal mount allowing you to fit it to Ifor Williams Horse Trailers models 401, 505, 510 & 610 plus the flexibility of mounting to non Ifor Williams Horse Trailers as well.

We do not endorse the fitting of this mirror currently to the Ifor Williams Horse Trailer models 506 or 511 but it is suitable for models 505, 510 and 610 plus other makes of horse trailer.

Our mirror is manufactured to the highest quality and complies to the UK vehicles certification agency (VCA) ISO9001:2000 standard.

A tried and tested product from Horse Trailer Parts Direct now being marketed at a competitive price

Available now from our store  http://horsetrailerpartsdirect.co.uk/horse-trailer-accessories/hitching-mirrors/ifor-williams-horse-trailer-hitch-hitching-on-coupling-mirror

at just £23.75 plus postage

Ifor Williams Horse Trailer Hitching MirrorIfor Williams Horse Trailer Hitching Mirror


Ifor Williams 506 and 511 Horse Trailer Cover

Special Offer

Get ready for winter with one of these great Horse Trailer Covers.

Specifically designed for the Ifor Williams 506 and 511 Horse Trailer these covers will afford your trailer that great winter protection you need to look after your valuable trailer.

In addition to protection from the elements they are also a great security product in deterring any thief from picking your trailer to steal.

Read our review below from when we originally tested these covers earlier this year.

Currently we have these covers in stock at a special offer price, so hurry before our offer ends.


We tested this cover and fitted them to two trailers for three months.

We fitted each to an Ifor Williams 506 Horse Trailer and an Ifor Williams 505 horse trailer in the beginning of October 2013.

The covers remained on both trailers right through the storms we had at the end December and beginning of January 2014. The trailers were parked in a fairly exposed area which was on the edge of a wood thus they took a battering not only from the extreme wind and rain we have had but also from sap and debris falling from the trees.

We are pleased to report that the covers have stood up exceptionally well and neither became dislodged or suffered any obvious signs of water penetration. We were concerned as to how well they would stand up to the rain as the covers are described a being ‘breathable’ and ‘extremely water resistant’.

The covers in our opinion are very well made and the Velcro and zip fasteners are heavy duty and again well made and durable and easy to use. The covers are clearly marked ‘front’ which makes knowing which way the cover fits easy. The covers also have two zip opening sections at the front to allow access via the grooms door or your front ramp regardless of which side these are fitted. When the cover is fitted the last thing you do is using the quick clip fastenings is tension the cover and adjust accordingly. The cover also comes with a separate hitch over again which fits well and secured by the quick clip system.

The bonus to the package is that the cover also comes with a storage bag which if you wish to take your cover off for the summer months you can store it in the large storage bag until you need it again.

The covers come well boxed and also come with a comprehensive fitting and care instruction leaflet.

Our tip from our test of these covers is that when you come to fit it instead of pulling the cover over your trailer from the rear fit it from the front. The natural rounded edges of the roof on the Ifor Williams horse trailers makes the cover slide more easily over the trailer whereas from the rear it can snag on the more pronounced edges over your rear doors. That said it is purely a matter of what works for you. We also advise that two adults fit the cover and you will need the use of a small stepladder to save you stretching.

We took the covers of six times and re-fitted them and after the first time it became easier each time as we got used to the knack of fitting and pulling the cover on.

On the Ifor Williams Horse Trailer models 506 and 511 the covers fit exceptionally well and in our opinion in comparison to other covers already on the market these offer exceptional value for money. The other covers available cost in the region of over £300 and this cover does the job just as well.

On the Ifor Williams Horse Trailer models 505 and 510 the covers still fit but are a very generous fit, in other words slightly too big and not a fully tailored fit as when fitted to the 506 and 511 trailers. That said the cover did the job just as well on the 505 and 510 and did not move or become dislodged in any way despite the gale force winds and rain we had. So don’t be put off buying one just because of the looks it still does the job well.

As mentioned previously these covers have been set a RRP by the manufacturer of £149 which in comparison to other covers at well over £300 represents great value.

Overall, I would score this product at 9/10 and would fully recommend one to anyone who wants to protect their trailer either all year round or just in the Autumn and Winter months.

This is a new product to the market being manufactured by Maypole, they already have proven track record in producing a variety of covers in connection with the automotive industry.

We have these covers in stock and are currently offering them at a introductory price for a limited period, you can view them and purchase one from our mail order store at this link


This test and review was written by Mark Unsworth from Horse Trailer Parts Direct on 29th January 2014

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