Ifor Williams 506 & 511 range parts increased

Ifor Williams 506 511 Rear Body Light Bezel

We have recently extended our range of parts stocked for the Ifor Williams 506 & 511 Range of horse trailers

Most are what we term as consumable parts, insofar that these are the everyday parts more likely to require replacement or become damaged easily

As an example we now stock the rear light unit bezel which often is easily damaged by owners reversing their trailer into an unseen obstruction

The bezel can be located at






Ifor Williams Horse Trailers to be used as Mobile Spa’s

Ifor Williams Horse Trailers have been commissioned to supply twenty of their Ifor Williams 506 Horse Trailers to FarmCamps to be used as mobile spa’s on sites they have in the Netherlands. The trailers will be parked adjacent to their luxury tent to give campers a more glamorous experience and that added touch of luxury! Mark Unsworth from Horse Trailer Parts Direct said “this really does raise the bar on glamping which is becoming ever more popular”. You can view FarmCamps web site at  http://www.farmcamps.nl/

Ifor Williams Eventa Tri Axle Horse Trailer

Eventa-L-Tri Axle Horse Trailer

The Ifor Williams Eventa Tri Axle has an unladen weight of 2035kg compared to 1985kg of the Equi Trek Multi Treka

The best price we have found for the Eventa Tri Axle is around £22000

Eventa L can carry 2 horses/3 ponies (dependent on weight) and is suitable for a 17hh horse as the storage locker is not present on this model. Eventa L also comes in a tri-axle option

The Best Kept Secret in Horse Trailer Security

Hitch Ball 3

This has to be the best kept secret in Horse Trailer Security – our Horse Trailer Hitch Security Ball

It is so simple yet a great low cost effective device

Many Horse Trailers are stolen by a thief who will part hitch your trailer, even if it is locked and will tow your trailer away from your yard or home and will then cut off the lock when they are out of sight and can make noise

How does this ball work?

It is simple – but your horse trailer already MUST be fittted with a key operated Lock – many trailers built from 1998 onwards such as Ifor Williams, Wessex, Equitrek, etc are examples

Simply unlock your hitch handle with your key – lift the handle and insert the ball into your coupling – let go of the handle – then re-lock with your key

No matter how hard you try or what you try to use it will be virtually impossible to get this ball out – so simple

This low cost device is a great deterrent and could prevent the theft of your valuable horse trailer

Photo 1  shows ball

Horse Trailer Hitch Security Ball

Photo 2 shows ball fitted into the tow hitch of an Equitrek Space Treka L

You can purchase two version of this device from the Horse Trailer Parts Direct Web Store at
Fantastic year on year feedback on this product

Ifor Williams 506 & 511 Horse Trailers

Ifor Williams 506 Horse Trailer

What is the difference between an Ifor Williams 506 Horse Trailer and an Ifor Williams 511 Horse Trailer

The answer is quite simple to one of the most frequently asked questions put to us, the Ifor Williams 511 Horse Trailer is slightly larger.

The 506 is designed to carry 2 x horses up to 16.2hh and the 511 is designed to carry 2 x horses up to 17.2hh

The Ifor Williams 506 has a gross weight of 2600kg and an unladen weight of 920kg and the 511 has a gross weight of 2700kg and an unladen weight of 1000kg

The specification of both trailers is roughly the same and when buying new the 511 will cost you around £500 more than the 506. In our opinion if you have the funds then always opt for the larger trailer as this will give you more flexibility and probably a greater resale value when you come to sell it. Currently the best buy price we have sourced for a new Ifor Williams 506 Horse Trailer is £4495

If you have any further questions or wish to canvass our opinion before you buy either new or second hand then please contact us at www.horsetrailerpartsdirect.co.uk or email us at sales@horsetrailerpartsdirect.co.uk

Ifor Williams 506 Horse Trailer

One of our 506 Horse Trailers finished in Graphite – Horse Trailer Parts Direct

Ifor Williams 506 & 511 Horse Trailer Cover on Special Offer

Special Offer

This months special offer is our Horse Trailer Cover tailored to fit the Ifor Williams 506 & 511 Horse Trailer

We have featured this brilliant product several times previously and it is one of our best selling products of 2015

We have now placed it on Special Offer at just £103.75

Hurry we have limited stock at this price  www.horsetrailerpartsdirect.co.uk/index.php?route=product/special

Special Offer



Our Christmas Sale is coming

Our Sale HTPD

Our Christmas Sale is coming

In the next seven days Horse Trailer Parts Direct will have some very special offers in our web store

You must be quick though as we have limited stocks of these great priced items




Number Plate Law

How often do you see number plates displayed tow vehicles and trailers whereby the owner has interfered with the number to alter its original appearance or format?

Below is what the DVLA advise on this practice and the consequences

It is an offence to alter, rearrange or misrepresent the numbers and letters on a number plate to form names or words, or in a way that makes it difficult to read the registration number. For example, you should not use fixing bolts to change any of the letters or numbers. Anyone with a number plate that does not display the registration number correctly could be fined up to £1000. In some cases, the registration number may be permanently withdrawn.

If you have misrepresented a vehicle registration number that you have been given or bought the right to under the Sale of Registration Marks Regulations, and the vehicle registration number is permanently withdrawn, you would not get back any money that you have paid for the registration number, or any other costs you have to pay.

You cannot use a registration number to make your vehicle appear younger than it actually is.

 Vehicle registration numbers must be correctly displayed on number plates as set out in the Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations (as appropriate). These regulations govern how vehicle registration number plates are designed, manufactured and displayed

Oh yes and please do not ignore the obvious: The number displayed on your trailer MUST be the same registration number as that of the towing vehicle

Further information can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/vehicle-registration-numbers-and-number-plates

Driving Licence Changes

Updates and advice to motorists on the abolition of the counterpart to the photocard driving licence

Since 8 June 2015, the paper counterpart to the photocard driving licence isn’t valid and is no longer issued by DVLA.

The counterpart was introduced to display driving licence details that could not be included on the photocard. These details include some vehicle categories you are entitled to drive and any endorsement/penalty points. View our infographic for information about the driving licence changes.

Please note, this does not affect photocard licences issued by DVA in Northern Ireland.

It's gone image

Horse Passports

The Horse Passport legislation was passed in 2004 and since this date all horses in the UK must be issued with a passport and be entered onto the National Equine Database.

Penalties for not holding a passport include a statutory maximum fine of £5,000 per offence or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 months – or indeed both.

Since 1st August 2009, when further legislation came into force, you must also now carry your horse’s passport with you each time you make a journey made by vehicle – regardless of its distance, duration or destination.

You can obtain further information on horse passports from the government web site



Horse Trailer Parts Direct

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