The Best Kept Secret in Horse Trailer Security

Hitch Ball 3

This has to be the best kept secret in Horse Trailer Security – our Horse Trailer Hitch Security Ball

It is so simple yet a great low cost effective device

Many Horse Trailers are stolen by a thief who will part hitch your trailer, even if it is locked and will tow your trailer away from your yard or home and will then cut off the lock when they are out of sight and can make noise

How does this ball work?

It is simple – but your horse trailer already MUST be fittted with a key operated Lock – many trailers built from 1998 onwards such as Ifor Williams, Wessex, Equitrek, etc are examples

Simply unlock your hitch handle with your key – lift the handle and insert the ball into your coupling – let go of the handle – then re-lock with your key

No matter how hard you try or what you try to use it will be virtually impossible to get this ball out – so simple

This low cost device is a great deterrent and could prevent the theft of your valuable horse trailer

Photo 1  shows ball

Horse Trailer Hitch Security Ball

Photo 2 shows ball fitted into the tow hitch of an Equitrek Space Treka L

You can purchase two version of this device from the Horse Trailer Parts Direct Web Store at
Fantastic year on year feedback on this product
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